Th 4 Best Teas for Summer And Drinking Taboos

Summer is here and so are the heat and sun. Here are the top 4 teas that are great for a hot summer day.

1. White Tea

For those who are out and about in the summertime, the heat is a welcoming contrast from the cold winters. But overexposure to heat can cause heat strokes and heat exhaustion. The best solution for times like these is drinking a cup of white tea. Lightly fermented, white tea is made gently without frying nor kneading.

This particular tea is rich in amino acids and is known in China as an effective cooler that removes heat from the body.

Drinking taboos: White tea is cold in nature, so people with stomach problems should drink less of the tea and never on an empty stomach.

2. Pu’er Tea

The heat oftentimes affects our bodies– one of such effects is making a person’s intestines and stomachs feel squeamish. The individual may experience either a shrunken appetite for food or indigestion.

The substances in pu’er tea can increase the effectiveness of the digestive tract, helping the pace of food digestion. It also helps digest greasy or oily foods and remove them from the body. The best time to drink pu’er tea is to drink a cup of cooked pu’er before a meal to nourish and prepare the stomach for digestion. After the meal, one can drink a cup of raw pu’er to aid digestion and remove fats.

Drinking taboos: Women during pregnancy should not drink pu’er tea, whether it is cooked or raw. People with weak stomachs should also not drink pu’er.

3. Green Tea

The catechin substances contained in green tea has strong antioxidant properties, which can reduce sunburn and damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin. In addition, green tea has the wonderful properties of anti-radiation. For office workers that sit by computers for most of the day, green tea helps mitigate adverse effects of computer radiation on the body.

Drinking taboos: Elderly populations and those with weak stomachs should not drink green tea that is strong; Green tea also should not be drank on an empty stomach.

4. Black Tea

In the summertime people oftentimes feel sleepy and tired. Black tea is caffeine-rich, allowing stimulation of the nervous system, speeding up of blood circulation, and enhancement of metabolism. These actions help the body feel refreshed and less fatigued.

In summer, people tend to gravitate towards frozen foods or cold drinks to “cool” the body. However, it is important to ensure that the stomach remains warm as it can be quite fragile and sensitive to cold temperatures. Black tea is in fact a warming tea, having the effect of warming and protecting the stomach. Therefore, summer is a great time for drinking black tea after eating frozen foods.

Drinking taboos: Refrain from drinking cold black tea in the summer, as it will affect the warming of the stomach.


If you are not impacted by the drinking taboos, I encourage you to try these teas this summer. Let me know down below any impact they have had on you and your wellness!

Source: HongYang ChuanBo Tea Culture

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